Spiral Ductwork (Double wall, Line acoustic, and single wall)

Spiral Ductwork

Walsh & Albert has manufactured spiral ductwork since the early 1990's. We carry all of the standard sizes in stock, from 4" to 18", in 10 foot lengths.  We build all of our spiral ductwork to SMACNA* standards for 10" positive pressure class, utilizing the RL-1 lock seam.

We can advise you on the advantages of using spiral ductwork for high-pressure applications and help you demonstrate to your client the cost and installation efficiencies of spiral ductwork over small square ductwork for individual zones.

We can also employ value engineering to rework your design and save substantial cost by converting to spiral ductwork, which is less expensive for both material and labor than small square ductwork.  We do not use SMACNA gauge snaplock pipe, an inferior, labor-intensive product that only achieves a maximum of 2" pressure class.  Instead of snaplock, Walsh & Albert can provide better quality spiral ductwork for less money, saving time and labor at the jobsite.

*Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors National Association

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