Walsh & Albert can take an engineer's design for HVAC and guide it through all of the interim steps needed to generate an installation-ready product.  We verify the real-world situation and condition, and apply this highly accurate information to a 3D model, where any needed changes to the fabrication design are made.  When model drawings are approved, the job goes into the shop for fabrication.  In a new building, it is not unusual for us to be detailing on the 25th floor while construction is underway on the fifth, helping the customer gain time and money on construction schedules.

In a retrofit situation, Walsh & Albert's detailers look for existing structural issues that could impede the installation of new HVAC systems.  Older buildings whose hand-drawn plans are not completely accurate may reveal hidden deep beams or structural, plumbing or electrical elements not found on the plans.  When a building has pre-existing conditions that are not flexible, Walsh & Albert becomes flexible, applying field notes to a computerized 3-D model to find a solution.

Walsh & Albert's detailers have worked extensively in the field as job foremen, and combine that real-world experience with enhanced AutoCAD MEP and programming skills to create detail drawings that are accurate and ready to fabricate. Our drawings are consistent with today's demanding Building Information Modeling (BIM) standards.  This valuable capability helps jobsites avoid the time and expense of making unplanned alterations in the field.  

Our experience and technological ability with software tools NavisWorks, Revit, and AutoCAD 2012 and 2013 helps us coordinate collisions and other obstacles with the structural, electrical and plumbing trades, a significant advantage on projects with a tight timeline. 

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