Unusual HVAC ductwork solutions for special projects and unique situations

Special Projects

While Walsh & Albert has an impressive track record in almost every category of construction, we have also worked on projects that are without doubt, one of a kind. 

Protecting the Moon Rocks

We welcome the challenge of developing unusual protocols and solutions - even a when we're asked to build unique system to protect items that did not originate on earth.

Walsh & Albert was honored to work on the HVAC system designed to maintain the Moon Rocks on view at the NASA visitor's center.  The system, designed by a NASA engineer and manufactured by Walsh & Albert, required a highly controlled environment and a number of redundant features to ensure consistent conditions for the Moon Rocks.

Maintaining Medical Mice

Woodlands Lexicon Genetics maintains one of the largest populations of genetically pure mice anywhere.  Medical researchers can request mice with custom combinations of complex genetics to help find cures for human diseases.  Mice live in individual quarters, each with its own tightly-controlled ventilation system for air supply and exhaust, and a high rate of air exchange.  The 40,000 square-foot facility required approximately 1,800 duct penetrations to ensure the health and well-being of the mice living there.

Special Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry

Walsh & Albert takes pride in supplying Houston's offshore oil industry in a number of special needs.  We build explosion proof camera housings for use on oil rigs, special toolboxes, tool holders, equipment housings, and safety enclosures for valves and gauges.  We also supply special EP explosion proof ductwork and blast-proof ductwork with specific breakaway characteristics that protect property and lives.

In short, if you can imagine it, and can't find it on the shelf, we can build it for you.

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