Our highly experienced workforce has a history of excellent customer care

Key Employees

All of the highly capable people from Walsh & Albert who work on your project are employees, not contractors.  The average length of employment for Walsh & Albert employees is 10-15 years.  We have 50+ key people in management positions overseeing our jobs.   

Management Group:

Pete Walsh, President

Larry Vines, Production Manager

Richard Coogle, Field Operations - General Superintendant

Roy Brown, Detailing & Project Management Team

Ryan Walsh, Fabrication Sales

Devin Walsh, Fabrication Sales

Marcus Haltom, Fabrication Sales

Project Management:

Pete Walsh, President

Richard Coogle, Field Superintendent

Roy Brown

Ryan Walsh

Devin Walsh

Marcus Haltom


Adam Lucas

Justin Hancock

Dan Mink

Scott DeLaune

Emerson Vasiquez


Shop Office:

Larry Vines, Production Manager

Jose Ramirez

Don Cox

Tom Brown

Tricia White


Dee Simpson

Amy Bertrand

Susan Todd

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