HVAC ductwork manufacture for laboratory environments


More than any other type of construction, the laboratory environment mandates dense and complex electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems.  High levels of sophistication are required in systems for clean rooms and biological or chemical labs.  Vivariums housing laboratory animals may require specific options to ensure the preservation of environmental conditions to maintain the colony of animals inside. 

For all of these applications, temperature, humidity and air quality must be controlled to an extraordinary degree.  Room after room of experiments must be isolated from each other with no cross-contamination, even to the point of positive and negative pressurization to prevent any airborne element from entering a room.

Maintaining a sterile, neutral environment with specific airflow control is of paramount importance in research.  Our ability to visualize and prove the entire system with our BIM software tools has been extremely useful to laboratory designers we have worked with in the past, including a number of research facilities, vivariums and the special challenges offered by NASA's Neutral Buoyancy Lab. 

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