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Intelligent Shipping Protocol

Intelligent Shipping Protocol (Shipping and tagging of products)

Walsh & Albert has been manufacturing HVAC ductwork for three decades.  During that time, we have evolved a system for labeling and packing our products for shipping that saves significant time during the install, and keeps our products safely sealed and clean until construction crews are ready to use them.  No matter who is installing your ductwork, when our truck arrives at your job site, you can expect that the first items off the truck will be the first items you need.  We pack each order as if we would be installing it ourselves.

In addition, every pallet and each individual piece of ductwork is individually labeled to show its relative position on the construction drawings, and where it should install.  We help save field labor by sectioning ductwork in our shop. And, you can count on the fact that the ductwork we manufacture will fit as expected, saving time and unplanned jobsite alterations.  Knowledge is power.  With Walsh & Albert, our intelligent labeling and loading protocol puts you in control of your ductwork installation.

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