Providing HVAC ductwork solutions for challenging hospital environments


The sheer density of hospital buildings means that the importance of accuracy in scheduling, budgeting and delivery is exponentially greater than in most other categories of construction.  Because there is so much more piping, plumbing, and electrical to contend with, the job of bidding ductwork is more involved as well.

Walsh & Albert is up to the challenge of coordinating with and assisting other trades to ensure that complex hospital projects move forward smoothly and without delays.  As the HVAC ductwork manufacturer, we bring added value by fully understanding and visualizing all layers of the project through our detailing capability. We can advise when schedules should be amended to achieve maximum efficiency for all trades.  Working with a high level of conceptual experience and the most modern BIM software tools, we visualize your project from start to finish, from installing the first duct to laying the last grille into the ceiling. 

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