HVAC ductwork for new school construction and extensive school remodels


Walsh & Albert has become known as a premier manufacturer of HVAC ductwork for Houston area schools. We understand that if a job falls behind, there is no recovery.  Schools must be ready for students to occupy on time, and customers count on us to have the manpower and financial resources to make it happen.

HVAC systems in south Texas schools are typically depleted after 30 years of use.  The good news is that today's remodeled systems are much more efficient to run, and can add another 30 years of occupancy to a school building. We know that there are only 42-45 calendar days in which to complete a summer remodel and we have the staff and manufacturing capability to ensure that the job finishes on schedule.

When it comes to difficult, phased remodels, our reputation precedes us. Walsh & Albert often works with a customer to develop a plan for updating a school's system in sections.  This may involve disabling HVAC in only a part of a building while the rest remains operational and occupied. Temporary ducting is also possible while work is underway.  Our customers know when creativity and outisde-the-box thinking is needed to find a solution, Walsh & Albert is the only manufacturer to call.

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