Every day, Walsh & Albert manufactures up to 20 times the amount of fabricated steel ductwork that a normal shop would produce.  Our 50,000 square foot manufacturing floor is organized around high production capability.  Benefiting from the economies of scale, we buy raw materials in exponentially larger quantities than most of our competitors.  And, we pass the 10-20 percent cost savings on to our customers. 

With the backing of Walsh & Albert, smaller mechanical contractors have the ability to take on larger jobs, leveraging our 35 years of experience and sterling reputation to bid and win projects, knowing that the order will be built and shipped correctly for installation. Our customers say that their relationship with Walsh & Albert helps them grow their business.

We organize your fabrication order as if it were a job we would install ourselves.  Our employees are highly knowledgeable about staging each order for maximum efficiency.  We pack your order so that what you will need first, unloads first.  We include all the fasteners, duct sealer, duct installation, hanging materials and hanger support material your crew will need when they are ready to install the duct.  And, we sell it at the same or a better price than the supply house you normally use. 

Walsh & Albert wants to be your single-source supplier for fabricated ductwork.  Once you experience the added value we offer through customer discounts and expedited service, you'll never go back to your previous supplier.

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